BackboneJS on Rails

Build snappier, more interactive apps with cleaner code and better tests in less time.

Domain Name Sanity

Learn to make domains and TLS certificates predictable and debuggable, while grasping their core concepts with plenty of examples.

Geocoding on Rails

Learn about data modeling the physical world with this handy guidebook and map to geocoding Rails applications.

Goal-Oriented Git (Beta)

Learn to accomplish your Git goals without getting distracted by internals or confusing terminology.

iOS on Rails

A thorough reference for best practices while writing superb iOS apps with conventional Ruby on Rails backends.

Maintaining Open Source Projects

Learn the many facets of creating, growing and maintaining a successful open source project.

Maybe Haskell

See what it’s like to program in a language without null. You might even learn some Haskell along the way.

Ruby Science

The canonical reference for writing fantastic Rails applications from authors who have created hundreds.

Testing Rails

Learn to test Ruby on Rails web applications from the ground up in this comprehensive guide to modern testing practices.